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Company Profile

1_副本.jpgIn July 2009 , Dobons was registered in Hong Kong. 123.png


In June 2010 , Dobons Fuzhou factory was established to produce and sell construction, decoration, emulsion and epoxy products. 


In May 2011 , the Shanghai R&D Center was established. It is committed to the research and development and innovation of a new generation products. 


In March 2013 , Dobons set up a production base in Wuhan and registered Wuhan Dobons Building Materials Co., Ltd. The company's products include: Waterproof series, Road and bridge series, Tile adhesive series, Repair series, Plugging series, Tile grout series and Paint accessories of nearly 100 types of products. Always, Debons has been technically integrated with BASF(Germany), Wacker Chemical(Germany), National Starch (Italy) and Albo Portland(Denmark) to ensure our products meet the international quality.


10 Years , Dobons strictly controls the quality inspection standards to ensure that the products used in the market have passed the technical center testing and engineering practice, in line with national regulations. Dobons products have won the trust of the market and customers with excellent quality and efficient service, and have a good reputation in the industry. At present, we are focusing on building the world's environmentally friendly coating brand!



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