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Products  Description:

It is a high-quality plugging material made of special cement and additives through special process. It has the characteristics of rapid hardening, high strength and good adhesion to the base surface, and is especially suitable for various quick repair and rapid installation projects.






Liquid To Powder Ratio:


Scope Of Application:

1. It is suitable for impermeability and plugging of various underground buildings, cable channels, pools, toilets, subways, tunnels, etc.

2. Waterproof reinforcement of the arc of the interior corner and the perimeter of the pipe.

3. Various wall-piercing pipes, casing peripheral defects, buried hooks, and sealed equipment railings.

Feature Advantage:

1. Rapid curing, rapid plugging, condensation in 2~10 minutes, can be carried with water. 

2. High strength, integrated with the repaired material, permanent protection. 

3. It can be used for anti-seepage and plugging on the positive side and back surface. 

4. Add water and stir evenly, convenient construction.

5. Environmentally friendly.

Construction Process:

Internal,external corner and nozzle leakage prevention: 

1. Clean the surface dust, gravel and other debris.

2. Pour an appropriate amount of water into a clean container, gradually add plugging agent at ratio powder: water = 1:0.25 ~ 0.35, stir and mix evenly until a non-agglomerate sticky putty is formed.

3. Arc treatment with a brush or scraper.

Waterproof treatment of water leakage cracks:

1. Base treatment: Find the crack and clean the surface.

2. Chiseling: Cut a V-shaped seam about 1.5cm deep along the crack.

3. Caulking treatment: Pour plugging agent into the container, add appropriate amount of water for mixing. Fill the gap with the mixture, 5-8 minutes after the filling is completed, wet the gap with a soaked clean brush,if necessary,apply a layer of repair paint.

Reference Dosage:

Single coating surface layer : thickness=1.0mm,surface layer 1.7 kg/m²


Store in a cool and dry place (5-35 ° C), unopened for 12 months


1. This product is suitable for use at temperatures between 5 ° C and 40 ° C. Avoid construction in wet and rainy weather.

2. This product absorbs water and needs to be used up once after opening.

3. This product will generate a lot of heat when it is cured. It should be taken to prevent burns.

4. Wear protective gloves and goggles when touching the product. If you come into contact with your eyes and skin, rinse immediately with water and still feel unwell. Seek medical attention immediately.

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