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  • DBS507 Tile & Stone Repair Glue

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Products  Description:

This product is made of high quality imported water-based poly-adhesive material as the base material. It has good permeability, adhesion, water resistance, gas permeability and weather resistance. It solves the problem of tile hollowing and falling off.  This product can be scraped directly on the existing base or the back of the tile stone (no need to remove the cement mortar or tile adhesive in the brick area) to avoid the large damage to the base surface when cleaning, thereby increasing repair cost and repairing difficulty. This product is completely based on water-based environmentally friendly raw materials,  low-carbon, is a new type of environmentally friendly building materials.





Liquid To Powder Ratio:


Scope Of Application:

Suitable for low water absorption of vitrified tiles, antique bricks, cultural stone, polished tiles, artificial stone, natural marble, porcelain tiles on the wall and so on.

Feature Advantage:

1. A wide range of applications, convenient, high efficiency, and does not affect the appearance.

2. It has good bonding strength after curing, and has good bonding property to the cement base surface and the back surface of the tile stone. It can directly act on the base surface of the brick to avoid the cement mortar or tile adhesive in the brick area. When it causes a large area damage to the base surface, thereby reducing the construction area;

3. Reduce the construction difficulty, shorten the construction period, and greatly reduce the repair cost.

Construction Process:

1. The construction environment should be dry, the relative humidity should be less than 70%, the ventilation should be good, and the ambient temperature should not be lower than 5 °C.

2. Mark the hollow tiles or stone and remove them with a glass suction cup in a flat and safe place.

3. Apply the Dobons tile & stone repair glue evenly on the back of the tile with a roller or a brush, and stick it in place corresponding to the position of the mark.

Reference Dosage:

Theoretical dosage: 0.25kg/m²(The specific dosage depends on the actual condition of the base surface and the size of the brick.)


Store in a cool and dry place (5-35 ° C), unopened for 24 months


1. This product is suitable for use at temperatures between 5 ° C and 40 ° C. Avoid construction in wet and rainy weather.

2. Avoid smearing the glue to the front of the stick for it is difficult to clean.

3. Do not pour the remaining water into sewer.

4. This product has undergone rigorous formulation testing. Do not add any other materials or additives.

5. The tool should be washed with water as soon as possible after use, once it become the film is difficult to clean.

6. Wear protective gloves and goggles when touching the product. If you come into contact with your eyes and skin, rinse immediately with water and still feel unwell. Seek medical attention immediately.

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