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  • DBS503 Strong Ceramic Tile Adhesive

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Products  Description:

This product is a one-component green high-tech product made from high-quality imported water-based superpolymer and multi-functional polymer interface modifier.





Liquid To Powder Ratio:


Scope Of Application:

1. It is suitable for foundation surface transformation that can't be directly constructed.

2. Old tile surface renovation.

3. Pretreatment of high density, low water absorption tile.

Feature Advantage:

1. One-component water-based green products. Scratch and paste, convenient construction.

2. Superior adhesion, suitable for any tile and stone.

3. Flexibility and impact resistance, no falling off, safe and secure. 

4. Low overall cost.

5. Environmentally friendly, non-toxic, free of formaldehyde. 

Construction Process:

1. Clean the back of the tile and the dust on the wall.

2. Evenly batch the glue onto the pretreated base or the back of the tile.

3. After the film is formed, the cement slurry can be wiped.

4. Tiling.

Reference Dosage:

Single coating surface layer : 0.10kg/m²


Store in a cool and dry place (5-35 ° C), unopened for 24 months


1. This product is suitable for use at temperatures between 5 ° C and 40 ° C. Avoid construction in wet and rainy weather.

2. This product can be used with stirring and should not be mixed with other brand products.

3. Avoid the glue hanging on the front of the tile, it is difficult to clean.

4. After the product is painted, avoid water and ash, so as not to affect the paste effect.

5. It is forbidden to use in swimming pools, reservoirs and other places where water is soaked for a long time.

6. The scratching area is not limited to 80% of the overall area. 

7. This product is limited to indoor construction operations. Any base surface must be pre-tested for small area before large-area construction.

8. This product contains preservatives, please avoid direct contact with the skin, wear protective gloves and goggles when touching the product. If you come into contact with your eyes and skin, rinse immediately with water and still feel unwell, seek medical attention immediately.

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