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Products  Description:

It is composed of high-quality cement, graded sand and special additives. It has high strength and strong adhesion, especially for the bonding of vitrified bricks and heavy natural stone on indoor wall.




White, grey

Liquid To Powder Ratio:


Scope Of Application:

1. Suitable for high density, low water absorption tile (glass brick, natural stone paste, glass stone).

2. Paste on used tiles, size <800×800mm vitrified tiles or natural stone with thickness ≤40mm directly on the wall.

3. Indoor wall, pool, swimming pool, etc.

4. Concrete, cement mortar plastering surface, masonry base surface, etc.

Feature Advantage:

1. Super strong bonding force.

2. Flexible, resisting slight vibration.

3. Thin paste construction, less usage.

4. No need to soak tiles and walls.

Construction Process:

1. Pour water into the container, pour the powder while stirring with a stirrer, stir for 3-5 minutes (water and powder 1:4 ratio),let it stand for 10 minutes, stir again and use.

2. Clean the dust on the back of the tile, and scrape the wall with a scraper.

3. Use a toothed spatula to scrape a small amount of tile adhesive on the back of the tile (filling the groove)

4. Apply a proper amount of tile adhesive to the underside of the construction and comb it into a full strip in a straight line with a toothed spatula at 60-70 degrees.

5. Tiling.

Reference Dosage:

Theoretical dosage: 8-10kg/m²(The specific dosage depends on the actual condition of the base surface and the size of the brick.)


Store in a cool and dry place (5-35 ° C), unopened for 12 months


1. This product is suitable for use at temperatures between 5 ° C and 40 ° C. Avoid construction in wet and rainy weather.

2. Do not add cement or other building materials to mix together.

3. The construction base is fully moistened,smooth,clean, oil-free and no debris.

4. Use the mixture well within 2 hours, it is not allowed the condensed material to continue to add water.

5. Subsequent construction (filling) can be carried out after 24 hours of construction, but it is not allowed to use the shocking machinery to work on the construction surface. It will be condensed at 7 days and reach the highest strength after 28 days.

6. This product contains cement and may cause skin irritation. Wear  protective gloves and goggles when touching the product. If the product is in contact with your eyes and skin, rinse it thoroughly with clean water. If you still feel unwell, seek medical attention immediately.

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