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  • DBS619 Polymer Modified Asphalt

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Products  Description:

This product is a water-based waterproof coating prepared by modifying a mixture of various rubbers which is using water as a medium. The waterproof material not only has good waterproof performance, but also can absorb the stress and noise of the road surface layer, relieve aging and prolong service life





Liquid To Powder Ratio:

Liquid (containing particles)

Scope Of Application:

1. Waterproofing of bridge deck. 

2. Waterproofing, anti-seepage and anti-corrosion of roofing, underground, tunnel, cave and other projects.

Feature Advantage:

1. The rubber in the modified asphalt forms a continuous network, interpenetrating and cross-linking, so that the modification exhibits high polymer properties.

2. After the coating film is dry, it has good rubber elasticity and can withstand long-term load on the bridge deck, which can prevent structural damage caused by water seepage and delay the service life of highway and bridges.

Construction Process:

1. Cleaning: Clean up the dust, repair the cracks, moisten the base surface with clean water. Make sure the base surface is flat, solid, clean, free of oil and water.

2. Spraying: Spraying the first waterproof layer, second time after 2-4 hours, and the third time after 4-8 hours.

3. Maintenance: After 24 hours, water spray maintenance lasts for 2-3 days. 

4. Protection: It is forbidden to step on, rain, exposure, sharp damage. 

Reference Dosage:

Single coating surface layer : 1.0kg/m²


Store in a cool and dry place (5-35 ° C), unopened for 12 months


1. This product is suitable for use at temperatures between 5 ° C and 40 ° C. Avoid construction in wet and rainy weather. 

2. It is strictly forbidden to trample and drive before the film is dried or paved with asphalt.

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